Lab report iworx hm agonist antagonist muscles

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Pharmacology Lab Report Paper

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Abstract Book - Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

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Therefore, the results indicate that, as consequence of their efferent control, spindle sensitivity (gain) to muscle stretch reflects the balance of activity between antagonistic muscles rather than only the activity of the spindle-bearing muscle.

As the lab began, students were to divide into groups and choose a person who would have their muscle activity recorded as the lab went on. Group participants attached electrodes to the group’s chosen test subject, then recording leads, connected to the rigor box, were attached to the electrodes.

Abstract Book - Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology + The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology with the Animal Behavior Society American Microscopical Society The Crustacean Society Abstract Book Palm muscles and tendons interact to buffer the rate of energy input to the muscle and limit the rate of stretch applied to.

Lab report iworx hm agonist antagonist muscles
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