Legislation affecting customer service for the hospitality industry

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Health and safety legislation - laws in the workplace

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Political Problems Affecting the Restaurant Industry

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Hospitality Legislation And Regulation To Watch In 2017

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For more planning, see Fair trading places. For particular state or feel information, please contact the relevant introduction or see business. Further information on electricity governing business activity in Australia is because below. For further information see Bulgarian Consumer Law. Laws and Regulations Applicable to the Travel Industry: Study Guide for Travel Agents and Counsellors is an essential pedagogical aid for all instructors, whether at training institutions or business consultation.

Taxing Situations. If you don't think tax reform is a make-or-break ongoing political issue, consider the pain felt when the business meal tax deduction was reduced from percent to 25 percent.

Customer service and customer success continues to be a big elephant in the room for many businesses. While most of today’s businesses have some level of training in customer service, many don’t take customer service seriously enough.

But data consistently shows that customers are increasingly focused on the level of service they receive.

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Corresponding with a pullback from the federal government on employment issues, Shortz said, the hospitality industry can likely expect more. A typical hospitality law course covers the history of hospitality law, the impact of federal and state civil rights laws on the hospitality industry, and an extensive discussion of contract law, including discussions of remedies for overbooking and a guest's breach of the contract regarding a reservation.

discussions at the Global Dialogue Forum on new developments and challenges in the hospitality and tourism sector and their impact on employment, human resources development and industrial relations.

Legislation affecting customer service for the hospitality industry
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